Winning The Natural Way – Farah Fonseca – England’s strongest woman

We recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with Lorem’s newest ambassador Farah Fonseca,  chatting with her about all things natural.

At just 25 years old, Farah has two running titles of England’s strongest woman from 2016 and 2017. Her determination and goals proved that you can become anything you want to be when you put your mind to it. And she does it all naturally!

Of course, we had to ask her, how did you come to do what you do?

From a young age, Farah was interested in fitness. Training aimlessly in the gym with no real structure until she found a passion for what she enjoyed and wanted to take it further.

In 2011 Farah became a personal trainer and began her own business – Farah Fonseca Fitness Bootcamp. Her passion lied in making women not only feel strong in the gym but in everyday life as well. With her love of being in the gym, Farah found she wanted to help women achieve their goals and this led her on to studying and qualifying in becoming a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist.

From this Farah was able to offer advice on how to eat to meet your body’s needs.

Where the taste for Strongwoman began.

Having attended a gym regularly and finding a love for weight lifting Farah joined Elite Body-Works Gym. After training with them for a while, they encouraged her to enter Basingstoke’s Strongest Novice competition in which she won! From then on, she had found her buzz.

In March 2016, Farah went on to England’s Qualifier but with this being her first national competition the nerves got the better of her, still with 4th place she was to qualify for England’s Strongest Woman competition.

Taking on the world!

On the 25th July 2018, Farah is off to compete in her very first pro-competition ‘Strongest Woman in the World’. To get to this point Farah has had to endure weeks of vigorous training in a range of events. These include max log press, deadlift, sandbag and axle squats. This training has to be coupled with a controlled balanced diet to make sure her body is working at its optimum level and to ensure she makes weight.

Having the most natural ingredients and using natural products is what keeps me on track.

Farah’s knowledge of Naturopathic Nutritional therapy enables her to feed her body inside and out with what works best.

Strong Not Skinny

Farah’s approach and attitude on her lifestyle are not about being skinny but being strong both inside and out. With an immense training schedule, the goodness of food and healthy calorie intake helps not only to keep the body strong but also aids recovery.

It is quite simple. A healthy combination of carbs, protein and good fats like avocado and eggs all aid the body to naturally work. Natural foods give your body natural goodness. Eating foods high in added sugars and fats give off a quick release but will leave you feeling tired and wanting more. As we all know hydration is is extremely important for any athlete. As dehydration will prevent muscles to work at their full potential.

Prep & Recovery

Preparation in looking after your body before and after competitions is also the key to success. Rest days are important when training, letting your body recover naturally rather than forcing it to recover. Farah makes sure that all the products she uses on her body are natural.

This way she knows what is going into and onto her body. Her favourite pre-competition body treat is a session in a floatation tank which helps her to deeply relax, reduce any muscle and joint aches and pains, enhance body healing, improve sleep and oxygen circulation. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!

Farah also uses Lorem’s Emu balm and Body salts to for an immediate pre and post-workout recovery aid so we are excited to find out how our products have helped Farah.

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