The active herbs in the foot pad improves the body’s natural detoxification processes, the foot patch contains a variety of natural and organic ingredients.The amazing effects are based on its core ingredient Bamboo Vinegar Extract, which greatly improves your physical and mental health, promotes blood circulation, improves sleep, and effectively removes dampness.

The detox pad is very easy to use.
1. Clean and dry your feet before applying patches and going to sleep!
2. Remove the adhesive side.
3. Attach the foot patch to the sole of your foot (the non-woven side should touch your skin).
4. Enjoy a good night’s sleep.
5. In the morning remove and use warm water to clean your feet.

These patches are ideal for prevention, maintenance, and detoxification of toxins and heavy metals in the body, which they help to flush out overnight, resulting in waking up feeling relaxed and an improved metabolism.
The Detox foot patch is perfect for those who want a deep sleep, flush out toxins from the body, and relieve stress and fatigue. It balances and improves physical health by cleansing. These strips have strong adhesion so they won’t come off when you go to bed at night.

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Out of stock at the moment but if anything like the other products I’m using can’t wait to try these.

8 months ago

30ml     £15, 30ml x 3     £40

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