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Natural Christmas Gifts For All

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Natural Christmas Gifts From Lorem

Panic buying Christmas gifts can often end up with a gift that isn’t the perfect vision you had. In the age of the internet, your perfect gift is merely a click away.  

We've listed some of our products which we think would make the best Natural Christmas Gifts...

Body Repair kit

Our body repair kit is for those with regular aches and pains. While our products may not replace all prescriptions, they can help to alleviate symptoms. 

The kit contains three items:

  1. Body heat pack
  2. Body salts
  3. CBD balm

Our body heat pack comes with an elastic velcro strap, allowing you to heat and go. You can wear it while working, resting or in everyday life as it can be strapped to you and doesn’t slip off. Easily heatable in the microwave, in just a few minutes you can have warmth directly targeting your aches and pains. 

If you’re feeling sore after a long day, or want some relaxing relief, our body salts will be just your ticket! Pour one or two scoops into a hot bath and let your pain soak away. 

For on the go quick pain targeting, try our CBD balm for quick and easy recovery. Simply massage the balm into the area of pain and let it soak into the skin. 

Perfect gift for those that have ongoing aches pains and chronic conditions.

Body Recovery Kit

Much like our body repair kit, the body recovery kit contains:

  • Heat wrap
  • Body salts 

We also have our best-selling Emu balm included in this bundle which is easily massaged into the skin and helps to naturally relieve any aches and pains

One of our customers, Grace, gave us five stars and said “My daughter treated me to these products last Christmas, I have arthritis, osteoporosis and scoliosis. The bath salts are amazing, I don’t have to rinse my skin afterwards and the balm has replaced all the horrible gels I used to get on prescription, worth every penny.” 

Perfect for those that have manual jobs and athletes.

Foot Care

If you know someone who is on their feet all day or struggle with stress, then our foot care pack is a perfect Christmas gift for a loved one. Our new detox foot patches help to clear away toxins from your body while you sleep and are the perfect finisher to your foot care routine. 

Meanwhile, the newly launched foot salts can help to soak away the aches and pains of a busy day. They contain emu oil, our key ingredient in most of our offerings, to help soothe and promote healing. We also include a bottle of emu oil in pure form to gently rub into areas of pain or dry skin. 

Foot Repair 

If you’ve got dry, sensitive or have just had a bout of pain, perhaps through injury, then our foot repair pack is perfect! 

Containing our detox patches, foot salts and emu balm, this is a perfect gift for those with dry skin, long term chronic pain conditions and more. 

Detox foot patches are worn overnight on clean, dry skin and detoxify your body while you rest, meaning you wake up feeling relaxed and renewed. Foot salts come in a handy smaller tub, perfect for a foot spa or a bit of pampering. 

And finally, our mini emu balm is perfect for those on the go painful moments, preparing you for whatever the world throws at you. 

Foot Saviour

And last but most certainly not least, our foot saviour is exactly what it describes - it saves your feet! 

Like the other two, it contains our detox foot patches and foot salts but with the added kick our CBD balm for those extra painful days. 

Our CBD is rich in the full spectrum of CBD and other phytochemicals. All products are lab tested and are free from heavy metals, pesticides and fungicides so you know that what you’re getting is fully natural and safe for use. As a side note, it is worth bearing in mind that you must be over 18 to purchase any of our CBD products. 

Stocking fillers

We have some wonderful products that could top up that stocking for Christmas. The previously mentioned detox foot patches, body heat wrap and foot salts are the perfect added extra to a stocking, and we also have our 10g pot of emu balm or handy sachets to have pain relief in your handbag or desk drawer.

Our Emu Oil is also a brilliant all-round skincare and beauty product as it can help protect your skin come frost, snow or sunshine.

So what are you going for? We would love to know. 

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