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Medication vs Natural Remedies

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Here at Lorem, we are all about natural remedies. NHS data suggest one in every 11 patients in England is being prescribed medication that could be addictive, or difficult to come off. (*)

In 2016, we attended an Autumn flower show to sell Lorem’s product range as we do on most weekends. A potential customer came to us at this show and after approaching the stall, became disinterested in the product - she left saying: 

 “No, it’s ok, the steroids help me just fine”. 

Her comment proves how a lot of people are still relying on heavy medication to try and get a good quality of life, and at Lorem, we are striving to change this. Many people suffer from conditions which cause aches and pain, and do not realise that there is a natural alternative to the many medications they take.

The "Quick fix"

Perhaps merely popping a pill, applying a topical product, or even a steroid injection without having a full understanding of the side effects that can occur. The many side effects such as organ damage, stomach upsets, thinning of the skin or taking additional medicine to deal with the side effects that arose from the original one are all worry when relying on prescriptions. 

Prescriptions and Pain Relief

There are many benefits to using natural remedies. Herbs and spices have been used for thousands of years to treat inflammation and other related conditions known as complementary.

Even medical doctors are increasingly turning to natural pain relief and alternatives. From acupuncture and yoga to magnetic bracelets and hypnosis with the aim to help their patients feel better.

The practice of Aromatherapy originated in Europe and has been practised since the early 1900s. Aromatherapy is where essential oils are taken from plant flowers, leaves, stalks, bark rind or roots. Many of us use natural remedies to ease pain or discomfort. From using clove bud in our mouth for toothache, a dock leaf for stinging nettles or a spoon of honey and lemon in hot water to soothe that sore throat.

With all of the modern-day medicines that surround us, we may not use these traditional methods as much. However, that does not mean they no longer work. 

Medication or Natural Remedies?

We can be sceptical to natural medicines from around the world such as Emu Oil or the benefits of CBD.

There are many natural remedies for providing pain relief and easing discomfort. But don’t remember, pain is the body’s signal that something is wrong. It may be temporary, such as a strained muscle. But pain can also mean that you have a something brewing that may need professional attention.


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