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Lorem was created to provide people with a natural alternative to pain and skin relief medication.  In recent years we've become a nation of pill poppers going for the quick fix and not necessarily the best long term solution for our body. With the results that many of us, or have friends and family that are taking increasing amounts of medication unaware of the possible and the long term effects it can create. 

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Emu oil may not be the first product that we think of to provide relief, but its origins have been traced back thousands of years to Australia where it has been used to protect skin from harsh weather conditions while providing pain relief. Fast forward to the present day and Emu oil still continues to be a popular natural alternative. The key benefits of Emu oil are that it's a natural anti-inflammatory and that it's phospholipid free. This means that it penetrates deeper through the layers of our skin, therefore carrying the properties of the essential oils blended with Emu oil deeper into the body's tissues.

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The beginning - Our Emu Balm

The Launch of Emu Balm. Our first product was to create a balm that used Emu oil and blended it with essential oils to provide a natural pain relief alternative, after numerous combinations In February 2013 was launched. Emu Balm contained eleven natural ingredients, a combination of essential oils that have been used for thousands of years to provide natural relief.

Excited about showing people the amazing benefits of Emu Balm we decided to take it to events and get customers to try the product. The first event we attended was the West country game fair in Somerset in March 2013 At the fair, we were able to demonstrate Emu balm on customers' aches and pains. The show was a great success and the place where our first pot of Emu Balm was sold. We have continued to attend many events throughout the country over the years to introduce ourselves and demonstrate the benefits of Emu balm. To date we have sold over 30,000 Emu balms while at events alone


When looking for pain relief products, many of us are skeptical and believe we've tried everything or nothing works with lots of us giving up. We don't have a magical cure, however, history leaves clues. All of the natural ingredients used in our products have been used for thousands of years. This isn't new!  Generations before us were using these ingredients individually to provide relief.

Increasing the product range

With Emu oil becoming more popular, We have added a few extra emu oil products to the range to serve multiple benefits.

Emu Oil Skin Serum

Emu Oil Skin relief.  Combining 99% Australian Emu oil with a trace of natural chamomile, Our customers have used our Emu oil Skin serum to treat a multiple range of skin conditions from Eczema, Psoriasis, insect bites, burns, cracked and split skin to name a few.

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Emu Oil Capsules

Emu Oil capsules.  Contain 100% Emu oil in a soft 500mg gelatine capsule. Naturally packed with a beautiful blend of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, our Emu Oil capsules boast anti-inflammatory properties. Think of these capsules as your all-round health boosters which promote good health and wellbeing. Customers are using these for multiple aches and pains where it may not be practical to use the Emu balm. or in conjunction for extra benefits. Also for IBS and Crohns.

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Emu Bath and Foot Spa Salts

Emu Bath and Foot Spa Salts.  An ultra-restorative and relaxing infusion of natural oils, our Emu Bath and Foot spa salts contain Emu oil blended with Dead sea salt which is known for its natural properties while leaving your skin smooth, soft, and supple. With a heart-melting blend of essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, and ylang ylang, the moment you place a scoop of these in your bath or foot spa is the moment you will be transported to a world of tranquility and relaxation. 

A lady holding Emu Bath and Foot Spa Salts and putting a scoop of the salts in a foot bath

Emu Oil Today

Our natural ingredients have stood the test of time, and have been used for thousands of years. They may have been forgotten but are just as effective as when our previous generations were using them.

All of our products are free from nasties and fillers. Using premium quality ingredients, everything is 100% honest and natural.

Our Emu range has continued to become more popular with the number of outlets increasing, Our products can be found in over 600 chemists throughout the U.K, It's trusted and used by the trade by Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists, Massage Therapists, etc.  

In July 2020 we took the exciting steps of launching our product on TJC shopping channel. This was an overwhelming success, and as a result, we have continued to appear every month on the channel. By March 2022 we had sold over 10,000 products on the channel. The success of our products got noticed by Shop LC, an American shopping channel and we have been asked to present our products on their station.

The next steps

We continue to focus on spreading the word about the amazing benefits of Emu oil and how it has helped thousands of customers. We are always looking at developing new products using natural ingredients that can provide a natural alternative. 

A Big Thank You to each and every customer who looked beyond their skepticism and purchased our products. To date, we have sold over 100,000 Emu balms. We continue to source the highest quality ingredients and manufacture our products in our laboratory at our premises in Alresford, Hampshire. We never get tired of reading your testimonials and how products have helped.  It makes all the hard work worthwhile !!

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