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Emu Oil – benefits in everyday life

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We all have products in our cupboards and medicine cabinets that are household staples.

The majority of us have the "white cream" that has been used on any skin issue since we were children and staples such as salt and antibacterial solutions.

There are many other remedial and natural products that people have in and around the home. All of which have their own uses. But, how many of us know that Emu Oil could be the one product that works on your skin, hair and body and so you may only need one product when it comes to living well?

A solution as old as time

From topical application to the internal usage of the oil, the aborigines of Australia were the first to use it, and it has been used for thousands of years since.

There are multiple uses, so we have listed some of our key reasons as to why Emu Oil is a must-have for your medicine and beauty cabinet.

Pain Relief


Studies have found that when applying it to the body or it being taken as an internal supplement, Emu Oil is an effective natural anti-inflammatory to assist the body in relieving aches and pains. Inflammation is the body’s response to infection, injury or irritation. The key factors being redness, warmth, swelling and pain. 

The balm provides instant targeted relief while the capsules work on aches and pains from the inside. Many of our customers are those that live with chronic pain and illnesses like arthritis and Fibromyalgia, as well as suffer from ongoing back, shoulder or knee pains. And so they use Emu Oil products as a natural pain reliever

Eases digestive distress  

Thousands of people across the country suffer from daily digestive distress, including Irritable Bowel Disorder, Colitis, Crohn's Disease or stomach ulcers. There have been many a search for alternative natural treatments which will help ease these conditions and help ease the discomfort and promote healing. Studies have shown that Emu Oil can help assist and offer relief of these digestive disorders. Lorem Emu oil Capsules are a perfect natural supplement containing 500mg of 100% natural Australian Emu oil. Taking one or two capsules daily with food will help assist in relieving inflammation and will not interfere with any other medications.

Skin Relief

Skin conditions

The most common everyday skin conditions that people deal with are Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis.

Skin conditions can be challenging to manage daily, but Emu oil can help relieve these symptoms. 

Due to Emu oils moisturising benefits, it can penetrate deep within the skins seven layers and provide anti-inflammatory relief to the skin while hydrating and producing fresh new skin renewal. Its anti-inflammatory properties may help to calm and ease and soothe the skin. Emu oil can be applied to the affected areas of skin and will not irritate as it has the same ultra-low irritant values of plain water. Alternatively, emu oil can be taken internally through supplement form, and this is proven to help heal skin conditions from the inside out.

Reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Throughout life, the majority of us will have either the odd scar or stretch mark that appears on our body. For most people, if scars are visible people tend to be self-conscious of these and want the scars or stretch marks to be less noticeable. Emu Oil may help with reducing the appearance of these scars and stretch marks and promote skin reproductions to heal or decrease the appearance.

Research studies show that when applied from the early stages of the pregnancy or wound healing process, the risk of stretch marks or scarring is significantly reduced. The anti-inflammatory properties within Emu oil along with the essential fatty acids are what help minimise the appearance. Emu Oil if naturally transdermal, which means it can penetrate deep into the skin’s tissue and help repair each layer of skin rather than just the top layers.

Preventing skin ageing 

We have all been taught to keep our skin looking its best.

Other than drinking enough water on essential factor is to moisturise daily. Our skin faces the everyday onslaught of environmental factors and these take from our skin natural oils. Dry skin can lead to wrinkles and other skin issues. Many moisturisers are comedogenic. This means they contain ingredients which lead to skin breakouts due to blocking the pores and the skin not being able to breathe. 

Emu Oil is non-comedogenic. So not only will it moisturise your skin, but it will also penetrate all seven layers without any clogging. Emu Oil is becoming especially popular with acne sufferers and those with sensitive skin as it's irritant values are shallow and the properties of emu oil such as being a natural anti-inflammatory work alongside its moisturising properties.

Flaking scalp and hair growth 

Whether it is sun-related, reaction to hair products, cradle cap or dandruff, skin conditions in the scalp is common. If scalp conditions are left untreated, it can will hair growth. If you are struggling with scalp conditions, Emu Oil may help restore scalp moisture and healthy hair growth.

The hydrating properties of emu oil will keep the scalp moisturised, which then will lower the dandruff flakes. Emu oil can be used once the hair has been washed by being rubbed into the scalp.

Glossy hair

Emu Oil is perfect for the hair. Apply 2- 3 drops from roots to bottom after washing to leave hair soft and shiny.


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