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Using Emu Oil on Holiday

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As the summer season approaches and you’re ready to jet off on holiday, you no longer have to worry about those 100ml liquid limits. 

Emu oil is the perfect travel companion and has plenty of useful, beneficial uses all in one bottle. In this blog we are going to cover some of the uses emu oil has to save you packing space and money. 

The Benefits of Emu Oil:

Sunscreen primer

Emu oil is the perfect holiday accessory. Wearing an oil blend containing emu oil under sunscreen adds additional UV protection. 

Feeling the burn

If you do get caught out in the sun, emu oil is perfect after sun remedy. Its quick absorption can give instant relief and support your skin while it heals. 

Insect bites and stings

Emu oil has natural anti inflammatory properties. Which makes it perfect should you suffer from any bites or stings while on your travels.

Prickly heat & other skin conditions

Emu oil is known to relieve itchiness and redness. Making travelling with these conditions more comfortable.

Mix with moisturisers for extra hydration

It’s essential to keep your skin fresh and hydrated if you are out in the sun. Add a small amount of emu oil to any moisturiser to increase its properties. Layering emu oil under moisturiser can be used during both extreme weather events—hot or cold.

Not just for skin

Emu oil can also support regeneration and repair of your hair. So if you have spent too much time in the pool or sea, you can give your hair the treatment it needs to restore it back to its glossy look.

For all

Emu oil is great for all the family. From newborns to your elders, it is safe to use throughout the generations. So no need to purchase multiple products for different age groups.

Emu oil has been used for these purposes and more for centuries, so make sure you have a bottle in your holiday travel kit, you just never know when you, a friend or family member may need it.


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