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The Commonly Asked Questions about CBD Oil

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The raging trend of oil-based products obtained from the cannabis plant has sky-rocketed over the last year since making its presence known in retail stores across the UK. 

There is plenty of scientific research that has assured us that CBD can be incredibly useful. But these products still have a slight stigma attached to them. 

Time to lift the lid...

In this blog we are going to dispel some of the myths around CBD Oil, telling you exactly what it is, and what it is not in the hope to allow you to make a more informed choice when it comes to pain relief. We have also included a couple of links to studies and articles at the end of this blog from people that talk about the benefits they have found when taking CBD oil.

The confusion behind CBD

There is still plenty of uncertainty around CBD oil, and this is most likely down to its relationship to cannabis. So before we start to dispel the myths, let’s tell you what CBD oil actually is.

What Is CBD Oil? 

CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive element of the cannabis hemp plant. CBD oil is a mixture of the CBD isolate (pure CBD) + an oil such as olive, hemp, or coconut - you can find out all the ingredients to our CBD products listed in our shop and the products themselves. 

Do note that CBD oil is not the same as hemp seed oil. The two are often marketed as the same product. CBD oil is concentrated in cannabidiol, whereas hemp seed oil only contains trace amounts of cannabidiol if any traces at all. 

Is "CBD oil legal"? 

CBD is a legal oil extracted from the cannabis plant. You can purchase it in liquid form, sprays, teas, as well as tablets. 

"CBD oil can make you high"

CBD oil does not contain the chemical psychoactive component THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the part of cannabis you require to cause and create a high or mind-altering hallucination. Products that contain THC are illegal in the UK. CBD oil is only extracted from hemp and not the cannabis plants containing THC.

"It is addictive"

CBD does not have addictive components like cannabis. However, as CBD oil will revitalise your serotonin levels, giving you a ‘feel-good’ factor which can help when you are suffering from pain, depression and other related conditions, it may become a habit for those that receive positive effects from it - similar to those that exercise for the endorphins. 

CBD oil is 100% safe

Although our CBD oil is 100% natural, as with all-natural remedies, some people may experience side effects,. So, if you take regular mediation, we recommend speaking to your GP before purchasing

CBD for other purposes 

What researchers have found is that CBD oil:

  • Is an anti-inflammatory. 
  • Has antioxidant properties. 
  • Is a Vegan-friendly and 100% natural alternative to many other products.

CBD Oil Frequently asked questions

Q: "How much CBD should I be taking?"

A: The simple answer is that you self-medicate with CBD oil. There will be guidelines on each product but everyone is different. If you are taking it for pain relief you will have some days that are better than others. However, you need to know what levels suit you, it’s advisable to stick with a dosage for several days to determine if the amount is correct for you and get a benchmark. If not, you may increase or decrease the amount or divide the amount throughout the day.

Q: "How do I know I’m getting a good quality oil?"

A: With CBD becoming more popular, an issue of ‘quality’ comes in to place. All companies should be able to provide a quality report with the oil. Unfortunately, there are many poor-quality oils that can be very bitter in taste. For example, if your first experience of drinking red wine or coffee was trying a cheap brand, it’s understandable that you may be put off in drinking these in the future, but you know there are many different varieties out there. It’s best to shop around and find an oil that you like.

Q: "What is the best way to take it?" 

A: There are many ways to take CBD oil. The most effective way for the oil to enter the body is using the oil dropped under the tongue, although there are many other ways of using the product from topical balms, capsules, vapes and teas to name a few.

Q: "Will it show up if I'm drug tested?" 

A: The high from cannabis comes from THC, this has been removed from CBD oil. Legal EU constraints are that the THC levels are less than 0.2%. Therefore, it would not show up in any drug test. 

We have included a few studies below that explain what ailments and conditions CBD oil has shown positive results in and how others use it to support a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Lorem & CBD Oil 

With the increase and growing popularity of CBD Oil, people are beginning to realise how it can benefit them. Given that CBD Oil has well documented benefits, we have launched our own full spectrum CBD Range. Following this, we have launched our own Full Spectrum CBD range - as CBD has very well documented benefits. 

While we are not allowed to make claims of what CBD oil can do, we can say that we have many happy customers already enjoying the product - this can be seen in our testimonials and reviews.

At Lorem, we source the highest quality natural ingredients to achieve the most effective results. Furthermore, our CBD oil range is sustainably sourced and suitable for vegans. 


None of the information on these pages should be construed as medical advice but as a natural alternative. We are not doctors. Always consult your doctor for medical advice or about using our products if you are taking any medication or suffer from any conditions. We make no medical claims, expressed or implied.

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CBD Oil, Capsules & Balm

From balms to CBD oil drops, we have a large variety of CBD products to suit your needs. And if you have any more questions about CBD oil and it uses, our team at Lorem are happy to answer these so please do drop us an email or call the office on 0845 625 6736 and we will do our best to help!


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