8 Ways For Your Children to Use Emu Balm

You might have bought our Emu Balm and be thinking that it can only be used for adults but - it can be used for children too! It is a great alternative to giving them various painkillers to treat their aches and pains.

1) Headaches

Containing Lavender and clary sage which soothes headaches and migraines, massage a small amount onto the temples and forehead.

2) Toothache

Many of us may be old enough to remember applying clove oil onto a painful tooth, it didn’t taste too good but the anti-inflammatory, pain relieving properties in Clove oil still work. The Emu Balm cannot be placed inside the mouth or ingested however massaging a small amount on the outside of the jaw is a very good way to relieve tooth pain. (Do NOT eat or put into the mouth!).

3) Coughs

The balm can be massaged into the chest and back, it's also very effective if you massage some into your child's feet, especially between the toes and front of the sole, behind the toes. These correspond to reflexology points which cover the throat, sinuses and lungs. This can also aid towards a good night sleep.

4) Stomach Pains

(Do NOT eat or put into the mouth!) With many natural Anti-inflammatories and pain relieving properties, our emu balm can be massaged onto the stomach and abdominal area to relieve pains.

5) Growing Pains

Growing pains are most common in children under 12, and can be very painful and distressing for children. These are pains in muscles or bones and they tend to occur when children experience rapid growth. Children who have growing pains typically have pain in their legs either late in the day or in the middle of the night and so the Emu Balm is brilliant for applying to soothe these areas.

6) Bruising

The Emu Balm contains Arnica which is so successful against bruising because of its relaxing effect on the bodies blood vessels. It can reduce swelling by stimulating the blood vessels in the bruise and providing much-needed pain relief, this makes the effects of the bruise look and feel less dramatic and prompts it to clear up quicker. Apply the balm thinly to a bruise.

7) Sinus problems

The reflexology points for sinuses are situated at the back of all ten toes, opposite the nails and at the very tip of all the fingers, excluding the thumbs. They are very easy to locate and all represent the sinus tissue, when stimulated, can be very effective in relieving sinus related issues, applying the balm to these areas can help to reduce sinus pain.

8) Sports injuries

We all know the importance of encouraging children to exercise as the percentage of children and adolescents who are obese has more than doubled to what they were 30 years ago, However, with exercising comes a variety of aches and pains that can cause a nuisance for children, and the adults who don't know how to fix it! The emu balm can be applied anywhere on the skin and so it is great for muscle strains and pulls caused by sport.

Our Emu Balm is safe for adults and children, and contains 11 all-natural ingredients.


Emu Oil: A natural, anti-inflammatory, highly penetrating oil which carries the essential oils deep into the body’s tissues.

Coconut Oil: Moisturising and soothing for the skin.

Arnica: Anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, reduces healing time and bruising

Wintergreen: Anti-inflammatory, Meythl Salicylate, like liquid aspirin it’s pain relieving.

Lemongrass: Anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, relaxes tight muscles.

Clove Bud: Anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, increases your body’s metabolism by Increasing blood circulation.

Rosemary: Helps aching and cramped muscles, improves poor circulation.

Lavender: Anti-inflammatory, relaxes tight muscles, soothes headaches and migraines.

Clary Sage: Anti-bacterial and antiseptic, soothes headaches and migraines, relieves spasms and muscles cramps.

Sweet Marjoram: Relieves muscle pulls, cramps and spasms.

Juniper: Reduces fluid retention on damaged tissues.


How Customers Use Lorem Body Salts!

The Secret About Body Salts is Out!

Our hugely popular bath and body salts are not just for the pleasure of those that have access to the bath. They have several ways in which you can enjoy their many benefits.

Our body salts contain all the benefits found in Australian Emu Oil and many of the essential oils used in the Emu Balm with a few extra essential oils.

100% natural product developed to reduce tension and anxiety, blended with Dead Sea Salt for additional relief.

In this blog, we are going to cover the top 4 ways that our customers use our body salts. None of which involve a bath!

Body Salts as a Foot Soak

After bathing in our body salts, the second most popular way of using them is as a foot soak.

Mike from Basingstoke says:

" Most of the working day I spend on my feet. So, after a particularly hard shift there is nothing better than soaking my feet in a foot bath (ok a bowl) with a scoop of Lorem bath salts."

It is also a popular product for the beauticians among our customer base that purchase the salts for their pedicure services.

The essential oils plus the exfoliation factor from the dead sea salts make it a perfect spa-like treat for those tired feet in need of some pampering.

Body Salts as An Exfoliator

Our salts can also be used as an exfoliator for those days when you need an uplifting shower to start the day.

Stephanie in Warrington told us:

"I just get a scoop's worth into my hand, scrub and wash off. It is great in removing dead skin cells before shaving and leaves my skin smelling divine".

Body Salts in a Steam Bath.

Not a bath bath, a steam bath. You know, where you pop your head over a sink of steaming hot water with a towel to enjoy the benefits of the steam and essential oils?

This is a particular favourite of Lizzy from Salisbury.

"When colds are doing the rounds, whether it is for me, my husband or the kids, a steam bath with Lorem salts is a great way to unblock sinuses and clear the head."

It is the mixture of essential oils such as Lemongrass, Lavender and Ylang Ylang, in our bath salts, it makes an excellent product for steam baths.

A Hand Soak with Body Salts

Similar to the foot soak, our customers also like to use the salts for a hand soak as well.

Natalie from Hampshire says:

"After a week on the computer, tapping on my mobile, and working out a hand soak is exactly what I need. First I soak them in warm water with a scoop of Lorem salts. Then, I use a few more to exfoliate to remove dead skin. The oils help leave my hands nice and soft, but for days when I need extra moisture, I finish off with Lorem's Emu Oil".

The ingredients of our bath salts help ease the aches and pains, soften and moisturise the skin, clear out sinuses and more, which means it is more than just another bath product.

Do you have our Lorem Bath & Body Salts? Do you use them in any other way? We would love to know!

Winning The Natural Way - Farah Fonseca - England's strongest woman

We recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with Lorem's newest ambassador Farah Fonseca,  chatting with her about all things natural.

At just 25 years old, Farah has two running titles of England’s strongest woman from 2016 and 2017. Her determination and goals proved that you can become anything you want to be when you put your mind to it. And she does it all naturally!

Of course, we had to ask her, how did you come to do what you do?

From a young age, Farah was interested in fitness. Training aimlessly in the gym with no real structure until she found a passion for what she enjoyed and wanted to take it further.

In 2011 Farah became a personal trainer and began her own business - Farah Fonseca Fitness Bootcamp. Her passion lied in making women not only feel strong in the gym but in everyday life as well. With her love of being in the gym, Farah found she wanted to help women achieve their goals and this led her on to studying and qualifying in becoming a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist.

From this Farah was able to offer advice on how to eat to meet your body’s needs.

Where the taste for Strongwoman began.

Having attended a gym regularly and finding a love for weight lifting Farah joined Elite Body-Works Gym. After training with them for a while, they encouraged her to enter Basingstoke’s Strongest Novice competition in which she won! From then on, she had found her buzz.

In March 2016, Farah went on to England’s Qualifier but with this being her first national competition the nerves got the better of her, still with 4th place she was to qualify for England’s Strongest Woman competition.

Taking on the world!

On the 25th July 2018, Farah is off to compete in her very first pro-competition ‘Strongest Woman in the World’. To get to this point Farah has had to endure weeks of vigorous training in a range of events. These include max log press, deadlift, sandbag and axle squats. This training has to be coupled with a controlled balanced diet to make sure her body is working at its optimum level and to ensure she makes weight.

Having the most natural ingredients and using natural products is what keeps me on track.

Farah's knowledge of Naturopathic Nutritional therapy enables her to feed her body inside and out with what works best.

Strong Not Skinny

Farah’s approach and attitude on her lifestyle are not about being skinny but being strong both inside and out. With an immense training schedule, the goodness of food and healthy calorie intake helps not only to keep the body strong but also aids recovery.

It is quite simple. A healthy combination of carbs, protein and good fats like avocado and eggs all aid the body to naturally work. Natural foods give your body natural goodness. Eating foods high in added sugars and fats give off a quick release but will leave you feeling tired and wanting more. As we all know hydration is is extremely important for any athlete. As dehydration will prevent muscles to work at their full potential.

Prep & Recovery

Preparation in looking after your body before and after competitions is also the key to success. Rest days are important when training, letting your body recover naturally rather than forcing it to recover. Farah makes sure that all the products she uses on her body are natural.

This way she knows what is going into and onto her body. Her favourite pre-competition body treat is a session in a floatation tank which helps her to deeply relax, reduce any muscle and joint aches and pains, enhance body healing, improve sleep and oxygen circulation. Sounds amazing, doesn't it!

Farah also uses Lorem’s Emu balm and Body salts to for an immediate pre and post-workout recovery aid so we are excited to find out how our products have helped Farah.

Follow Farah's Story

Interested in finding out more about Farah? Why not follow her on Instagram!


Interview with a World Taekwondo Champion- Ryan Simpson

It’s not every day you get to interview a World Champion and today was our lucky day!

We met up with Ryan Simpson, 18 years old from Dorset who recently won Gold in the sparing category of the Taekwondo World Championships in the Netherlands. For us speaking to Ryan was like meeting a famous celebrity and even then those don’t have the title of World Champion underneath them.

We wanted to find out from Ryan all the in's and outs of holding this title and congratulate him on this amazing success within the Taekwondo world.

For those of you unfamiliar with Taekwondo it is an ancient sport originating from South Korea, it is the art of self-defence combined with the skill and power of martial arts. It is characterised by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kick with fast kicking techniques all controlled within the elements of Taekwondo.

Taekwondo means TAE (Foot), Kwon (Hand) and Do (Art). It is now a recognised sport within the Olympics.

Interview with Ryan Simpson

Hi Ryan, Congratulations again on winning the World Championships in Taekwondo in the Sparing category!

Thank you!

Q: "Has it sunk in yet that you have a title of WORLD CHAMPION?"

A: I think it finally has! - I still find it amazing that I came away from that competition with a Gold medal!! I put a lot of effort into the preparation for the event and a lot of hours were spent in and out of lessons trying to perfect my fighting skills – as well as my muscular endurance in kicking and punching and from it all, I achieved Gold and this title.

Q: At what age did you start training Ryan and how often do you have to train?

A: I started when I was 6 years old and I am now 18. I train in Taekwondo and kickboxing with my coach Malcolm Jones from Integrity Martial Arts on Monday (7 pm-9 pm) and on Wednesday (6:45 pm - 9:15 pm) – as well as muscular development and aerobic development out of training on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The reason for this is so I can have two consecutive days off on Saturday and Sunday allowing for my muscles to recover from the week of training and still have weekends with my friends and family.

Q: So what inspired you to learn Taekwondo and what did you especially like about Taekwondo to stick at it for so long?

I started Taekwondo because I was a bit of a fruit-loop at my Junior School (not the cereal type of fruit loop just a bit crazy)! My parents encouraged me to try Taekwondo and to stick with it. It helped me focus a lot better at school and gain control of things. I am glad I have stuck with the sport as it concentrates upon focus; determination and self-control, which are qualities I have applied to my everyday life.

Q: "Do you partake in any other sports? What else do you enjoy doing with your time?"

A: I train in kickboxing and Ghost Elusive combat training – which I feel aids my Taekwondo development. I am now a brown belt in Kickboxing so I am working my way further in this. Apart from that, I was never really interested in other sports, I found the concept of kicking a ball about quite boring. Of course, like any other 18-year old I enjoy time with my friends doing stuff but Taekwondo, kickboxing and Ghost Elusive are my main focus.

Q: So what happens now you have the title of World Champion? Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Olympics?

I am in the last months of completing my A levels so right now that is my main focus, once my A-Levels are completed my next big competition will be in South Korea!

As for competing in the Olympics, I would love to if given the chance.

Q: "So in terms of your training what is your warm-up/cool-down routine prior to a Taekwondo tournament? How do you keep your muscles and joints strong and stable?"

A: Before a competition, I will do light joint mobility exercises and then I will increase the intensity to light aerobic activity to get the blood pumping around the muscles that will be working in a sparring match.

I will then develop the warm-up more by increasing the range of motion in my legs – doing front and lateral dynamic leg rises (in preparation for the high section kicks that awards the most points in a fight.) I also like to use a foam roller to massage my muscles so that they do not feel as stiff before a fight.

As for a cool-down, I always need to make sure that I stretch all of my muscles, 20 seconds per side, in order for my muscles to feel better the next day and so that the likelihood of injury is prevented due to them not being as tense. I also, of course, apply some the Emu balm to aid in my muscle repair and relieve any muscular pain.

Lorem Care, emu balm and World Taekwondo Champion- Ryan Simpson. Click to read more.

Q: "Do you have to stick to any particular diet whilst competing in a tournament?"

In the lead up to a competition I do a lot of carbohydrate loading in order to increase the amount of glycogen stored in my muscles – so I can work more intensely for longer periods during my rounds so that I have an edge over my opponent. Additionally, I need to make sure that I drink plenty of water and fruit. After my fights, I will have a handful of almonds and an isotonic drink to help in the recovery process of my muscles and to replenish energy lost from the fight before the next one.

It’s incredible to hear the amount of training and effort along with the structure that goes into the build-up for competitions.

Q: "Have you had to adapt your style of training as you have got older?"

A: My training has got a hell of a lot more intense as I have got older. This is mainly because I have now realised that you can only really improve if you push yourself to the maximum level of exertion in each session. I’ve had to work my muscles and body harder but also learnt to look after my body so as not to cause damage or injury.

Q: "As proud sponsors of you here at Lorem we were excited to follow your progress and hear of your winning news, how did you find using the Emu Balm throughout the tournament? Do you think it helped you and in what way?"

A: I have used lots of creams in my life and Lorem by far has been the most effective for muscle fatigue relief. Applying the cream after the tournament helped

a lot because I massaged it into my bruised and fatigued legs where I felt a lot of muscle stiffness. The day after I felt a lot more relieved and in no way near as much discomfort.

Q: "Would you recommend the Emu Balm to other sports users and why?"

A: I would definitely recommend Emu Balm to other sportspeople, it has helped a lot in the recovery process and during training sessions in a more efficient way than if I did not use it. The balm is easy to apply and works deep into my muscles so allows deeper movement and is 100% natural I know I am not doing any harm to my body.

"Thank you, Ryan, I feel privileged talking to a World Champion, we would like to thank you for your time and congratulations again on your success."

Lorem looks forward to following your future progress, supporting you in South Korea and who know maybe one day the Olympics!!

For more information about our Emu Balm and other products click here

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Massage, sports and me : A professional testimonial - Why I use Emu Products?

Here at Lorem, we are always interested in what our customers have to say about our products. The feedback that we receive is a key factor in us getting it 100% right in what you want.

We spoke with one of our customers, Fiona McLean, who not only uses the products for herself but also uses them for her clients here’s what Fiona had to say;

"As a Holistic and Sports Therapist in my business One2One Complementary Therapies I am always looking for products that will assist my clients and I am so glad that I found yours. I first came across them at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and was having issues with my shoulder so I decided to try some of the Emu balms for myself as I had nothing to lose other than the pain if it worked. To my surprise, it actually really did help reduce the pain in my shoulder and I knew then that as a therapist this could also help my clients.

I will continue to use the Emu oil products and continue to recommend them to others as I’m very happy to say I’ve found a product that really works well!

My absolute favourite go-to product has to be the Emu balm. For myself as I suffer from Fibromyalgia I use this to rub into any areas that are playing up, but also find with having Neuralgia the balm rubbed into my right leg helps to ease the pain. It enables me to work throughout the day without any pain and I always carry a small pot of the balm around with me if I need to reapply.

I always encourage all my clients to try the Emu Balm, I personally wouldn’t recommend any products that I did not believe worked and I am so happy to find your products because wholeheartedly can say these really do work.

My absolute favourite go-to product has to be the Emu balm. For myself as I suffer from Fibromyalgia I use this to rub into any areas that are playing up

As a therapist, I use the products to assist with easing the pain for my clients. I work closely with the local wheelchair rugby club ‘The Dorset Destroyers’ and they have found the balm help them before, during and after their game, so much so they have now purchased the Emu balm to keep in their team medical bag. I am also the sports therapist for Lytchett Minster RFC and a pot of balm is always carried to any game in my pitch side bag for dealing with the odd knocks and bruises. The majority of users through the ‘Dorset Destroyers’ use it in conjunction with their medication but some use it instead of their medication and this proves how effective a product it is.

I have also used the Emu oil on some clients who suffer from Psoriasis and they find it works, leaving their skin soothed. It lasts a long time and doesn’t leave their skin feeling oily as the Emu oil is absorbed quickly into the skin".

Fiona McLean – Sports Therapist at One2One Complementary Therapies


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